Disability facilities

    We wish to convert these two old
    Toilets into one that is fully accessible to all, including wheelchair access
    and a wash basin. Some of the work we can do ourselves but will need the
    services of a plumber, builder and the water company to complete the work -
    £2000 just for the fittings!

                                                                  Tower Clock

    The original clock was made by Joyce of Whitchurch in 1861
    and may have been a Quarter Chiming clock. Most of the gearing, and two bells,
    was removed in 1971 by Smith of Derby. William Potts & Sons then installed
    an electric synchronous clock and “restored” the dials.

    The clock does not work at the moment as the dial gearing is
    rusted and covered in pigeon excrement and the electrical wiring is defunct. We
    have obtained quotes for the work and to get it going we need £2000, most of it

    being the cost of accessing the clock tower.