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    Posted by Helen Whelan on 01/11/2019

    Hello, wonder if there is a grave for Richard Parkin Beswick, born 1862 and died 1863 at less than a year old. He was my great uncle.

    Posted by Bonita on 21/05/2019   Email

    Interested in this Cemetery because I have relatives buried here. Thankful to a lady from that gave me a little information. I live in Canada so I appreciate any help with finding out about them and the Cemetery and area.

    Posted by Mrs Susan Cother on 06/05/2019

    Dear Friends of Burngreave Cemetery I visited on Sunday 5th May 2019 and after visiting my Mother's grave I then came and spoke with a number of you in the old Chapel. I want to say a massive thank you for all your help, support and understanding of the problems I was experiencing trying to care for my Mother's grave. Not only were you kind enough to visit the grave with me but you also reassured me that you were prepared to help tidy it up for me. This was such a relief as I no longer live in Sheffield nor have family who could help with this problem. Add to that my poor health, and I was feeling quite overwhelmed. You however saved the day with your reassurances and commitment to the work you all do. So, once again, you are worthy of praise indeed. God bless you all x

    Posted by Damon Sugden on 28/04/2019   Email

    Hi Friends of Burngreave, really like the website and the excellent community work that you have been doing. All the best from the Pudsey Friends.

    Posted by Alan Hibbs on 20/02/2019   Email

    My Grandfather Horace Ward worked at the cemetery from pre WW2 to when he retrired as superintendant in mid 60's. he took great pride in the place and would have been glad to hear others also care. I have lived in Canada since '81 but hope to visit the cemetery next time I'm in Sheffield.I have many memories as my grandparents lived in all 3 lodges in their time there and used the cellars beneath the church/chapel as air raid shelters. Grandad's brother Sidney also worked there for a considerable time, including the war years.Both used to be regulars at the Catherine pub in the area.

    Posted by Jenny Clarke on 20/01/2019   Email

    Hello, Is there a headstone for Elizabeth Wilson grave 23 section B buried 31st Jan 1863 ? Many thanks

    Posted by Louisa Crooks Teron on 15/09/2018   Email

    I really want to thank Dave Yates and Ken Wild for all of their help. Dave confirmed that my great grandparents and great great grandmother are buried there and gave me the inscription from their headstone. Bereavement Services from the Council erected the headstone that had fallen over. We then travelled from Canada to visit the cemetery. Ken spent hours with us touring the chapel and cemetery and providing more information. It was very special for us. We can't thank them enough for all of their kind assistance and hospitality. Their work is so important to us all!

    Posted by Dale Neckarski on 04/08/2018   Email

    Hi, I am wondering if you can help me locate my Grandfathers unmarked grave? His name Stanislaw Neckarski born 01/02/1915 and died 24/04/1964

    Posted by Patricia Curran on 12/12/2017

    In memory of charles Blythe who took his own life in 1927 by gassing himself. He left a wife and children. May he rest in peace.

    Posted by Faye fowler on 05/11/2017   Email

    Hi. My wondering if it is possible to locate my Grandmothers two brothers that are buried within this cemetery. The information I have is that they (Arthur Francis and George Francis) are buried at grave number 18 P5. She will never get to visit the grave now but I wondered if there are any photos. Many thanks in advance. Any other information gratefully received .

    Posted by Loraine McManus on 01/11/2017

    I am trying to find the grave of my Mum who died in 1959,

    Posted by Hilda Procter on 08/06/2017

    I would like to acknowledge and express thanks and appreciation to Dave Yates and Friends of Burngreave for all the help and advice in assisting me locate the grave of my great great grandmother Catherine Glover. Also the assistance of the council gardener when I visited the cemetery recently. At last I've found her.

    Posted by Marilee Hird on 10/01/2017   Email

    Thank you. My husband's second great grandmother is buried in your cemetery. We live in the U.S. and will never see this, but now I can show his family where she is buried.

    Posted by John Sands on 29/12/2016   Email

    Would Grave no 65 Section Y1 been a paupers grave ? How ironic that my GGrandfather, William would be buried there in 1939. My grandfather lost contact with him about 1895 when he went into a childrens home. Subsequently he travelled around UK but settled for a time, and where my father was born, in Attercliffe, less than a mile away. So close and so unaware of each other

    Posted by Tanisha johnson on 01/06/2016   Email

    My auntie died in one of the following years 1959,60,61 my nan says she was a still born and was buried with someone elses body she is unsure where shes buried my aunties name is rebecca durand and it would mean alot to my family if she could be found

    Posted by Clinton Morley on 14/05/2016   Email

    Can you locate the grave of Job Morley.Died 1876

    Posted by n johnson on 12/02/2016   Email

    i find my gggrandfather thomas marsh grave no 55 sec m,buried 1886, also louisa marsh grave 26 sec e2 buried1872 age 27 wife of thomas marsh but have no proof of any marrage.i hope you can help thankyou norma

    Posted by Barbara Bellamy on 07/02/2016

    I visited the cemetery today for the 1st time and could have spent the whole day there- such history! I wondered what a couple of the stiones meant with just a surname and then F3-12-CONS and 13x (squared) CONS on them.

    Posted by Stuart Jackson on 10/05/2015   Email

    I had reason to visit the cemetery today in search of a grave that holds the remains of my half brother who died back in 1949. I had visited the grave before about 63 years ago but remembered nothing of its whereabouts at all. I have the volunteers to thank for all the wonderful assistance they gave me in finally finding the grave at last. These wonderful people really made this day very memorable for me and, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

    Posted by Sylvia Walker on 24/02/2015   Email

    I'm looking for my father William Hogg died 1952 and my grandfather William Day died 1951 can you help

    Posted by Rita Morton on 31/08/2014   Email

    trying io find my grandparents there names are frank died 1938 millicent died 1952 Dewsnap cant seem to find them hope you can help

    Posted by Dawn Holmes on 19/06/2014

    Thanks for a speedy response from Dave I now know where my Great Grandfather Robert Waud is buried also his daughter Ada, Thank you so much x

    Posted by Sally E. Walter on 25/04/2014   Email

    I had the pleasure of visiting the cemetery in October 2013. I was searching for my great grandfather's grave. Three lawn care gentlemen helped me locate the unmarked grave, for which I am ever grateful. My great grandfather was John William Pyecroft, grave #98 Section K2. As I researched the family I discovered Charles William and Alice Pyecroft are listed for the same grave! Can you enlighten me as to how this is possible? I would also be interested in knowing if grave markers are available. The cemetery is just as it should be, quiet,beautiful, and sacred. Thanks to all for their time and work. This American appreciates you more than you know. I may not ever return to England at my age, but my memories will live on forever. Thank you!

    Posted by Joe Leach on 30/03/2014   Email

    Very many thanks Dave for all your help with my Selby research, it's much appreciated. Joe

    Posted by Sarah Symonds on 26/11/2013

    I have to say an enormous thank you to Dave for his speedy replies to my emails this week. He even took the time to go and take a photo of a headstone for me. What a fantastic source of help and information. Keep up the brilliant work

    Posted by Sally & James Walter on 28/10/2013   Email

    Thank you so much for all the information. We came from Ohio, USA, and. would not have attempted the trip to find my great grandfather's grave without this site. God bless all concerned.

    Posted by Sally Walter on 28/10/2013   Email

    My husband &I came to England to find. My great grandfather's grave and find the boyhood home of my grandfather, who came to America in his youth. I believe I found the spot, however the grave was unmarked. I was surprised to find two other relatives listed for the same grave ( section K2 grave #98.). I have to wonder how this can be correct. I found the cemetery to be quite beautiful, peaceful. Thank you to those who have worked hard to provide information on the graves. It means a great deal to me, and I'm sure several others. God bless all of you, most sincerely, Sally Walter. Wellington,Ohio USA

    Posted by Hazel Vaughan on 17/08/2013

    I spent most of my childhood in Burngreave Cemetery as I used to walk through it on my way to and from school. It was lovely during summer and equally so when it snowed! I was never frightened when I was in there and my Grandmother, Grandfather and Uncle are buried there, as well as my stillborn nephew. There are also some good friends and neighbours buried there as well.

    Posted by sue parker on 17/08/2013

    I love this site, it's helped me no end in my family history research, keep up the good work!

    Posted by Stephen Jenner on 08/07/2013   Email

    I am trying to complete my family trees. I visited Burngreave Cemetery today. There are many missing headstones or perhaps there were none to start with. I am researching the JELLEY family. Arthur Edward JELLEY was my great grandfather. Also, the OWEN family. I found Robert W Owen my other great grandfather. Any family members out there? Steve

    Posted by Barry White on 24/03/2013   Email

    I am researching my ancestors named Rhodes from this area.

    Posted by Bonita M. Huhn on 11/03/2013   Email

    Recently learned I have relations buried here. Live in Canada and haven't yet made the trip to visit yet.

    Posted by Dawn on 09/09/2012

    Just want to say well done to the friends of Burngreave, I visited the cemetery yesterday and found some of my relations graves (more to find yet so I'll have to return) the cemetery was kept lovely, and the views - wow x x

    Posted by paul savage on 04/08/2012   Email

    hi margaret thomas my name is paul savage iam doing our famliy history you have commented on our famliy on thomas warren savage do you have any inmformation about ann savage who was in the south yorkshire aslyum for us it would be great if we can get in touch at some stage

    Posted by Simon Clark on 10/06/2012   Email

    Many thanks for the help in not only locating my Hewson ancestors who are buried here but also for sending copies of their burial records. The response was very quick and more than we could have expected. We are very grateful. You provide a commendable service.

    Posted by Margaret Thomas on 12/05/2012   Email

    I would like to thank Christine Steers for sending me a photo about 18 months ago of my great grandmother Charlotte Smith in the burial register and confirming that she was buried there. I don't know if the grave sight still exists but at least I have proof that she is there, many thanks.

    Posted by Jon Bagshaw on 01/05/2012   Email

    Hi all hello to all love the website very helpfull,thanks to peter wyatt for his help and assistance regards jon & julie bagshaw

    Posted by Ken Lashley on 08/04/2012

    I should like to publicly thank the friends who were on duty at Burngreave this afternoon for their assistance in finding the plots where a number of my ancestors, aunts and uncles who died in infancy, and great*n grandparents.

    Posted by Christina Senior on 03/02/2012

    Many thanks to all at Friends of Burngreave for the efficiant and speedy way they dealt with my query particually Christine Steers My stillborn son now has his name and parents recorded on his entry and is no longer unnamed Thank You

    Posted by paul savage on 14/01/2012   Email

    we are doing our famliy tree on the savages and the tully side of the famliy i had the savage gravestone upped a couple of years ago now its intresting that thomas warren savage daughter ann elizabeth savage was in the south yorkshire aslyum in hillsbrough would the bodies of thomas warren savage and his wife ann savage would be exhumed from the grave to put there daughter with them she died in 1915 in the workhouse and on the tully side of the famliy there are in umarked graves in the cremetry as we have evidence of burial cerificates when there were laid to rest in burngreave in the book in the archives i cannot find any tullys in burngreave cementry at all why

    Posted by Linda Cooper on 05/01/2012

    Thank you very much to the lady, from Friends of Burngreave Cemetery, who came to the cemetery on a cold damp in November day to help me trace, from the microfiche inside the church, my fathers grave. I was only a child when he died 50 years ago and was not really aware of where his grave was. His name was John Golland. I am now able to put flowers on his grave, even though is no headstone. So thank you very much for your great dedication,from his grateful daughter.

    Posted by Jenny on 13/12/2011

    Thank you to the Friends of Burngreave Cemetry for putting on the wreath making session on Sunday 11th December '11. Myself and my five year old daughter enjoyed your hospitality and now have our first ever wreath hanging on the door to remind us of a lovely afternoon.

    Posted by Chris Hobbs on 07/12/2011   Email

    Just a word to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication shown by the Friends of Burngreave Cemetery in organising the transcriptions and hosting such a wonderful resource.

    Posted by JOHN BROWNLEY on 14/09/2011   Email

    I lived in Cawston Road for 34 years and not 'till I moved to Norfolk did I know some of my relations are buried here

    Posted by J Hides on 15/08/2011

    Hope to find the Graves of my Hides Family ,used your brilliant website to download the map od sections and also the grave numbers ,Iam coming today to hopefully find my Husbands Gt Grandad Solomon Hides.

    Posted by eileen howarth on 16/07/2011   Email

    Just randomly went to the cemetery with my daughter today looking for a grave it is an unmarked grave and the gentleman found it becos we had the information of the owner of the plot. A few years ago I went to the churchyard and it was over grown I was amazed to see all the hard work you have done and congratulate you all. I shall certainly take more interest in its future. I would like to donate to your organisation.

    Posted by sandra rodgers on 13/07/2011   Email

    I would like to thank the friends of Burngreave for keeping the cemetery accessible. My father was buried there in 1952 and for some time I was afraid to visit because the brambles were so high and I had to take shears to reach the grave. So once again 'thank you'

    Posted by Jacqui Jackson on 18/06/2011   Email

    I would like to thank the Friends of Burngreave Cemetery for organising the transcriptions. I have just found the burial of my husband's great grandmother, Mary Jackson. I've been a transcriber for some time and realised that we'd got way past her date of death (1914)!! Hope to be able to visit Sheffield again later this year and will look for the grave.

    Posted by Ann Shirley on 25/05/2011

    A very much needed, useful and interesting site.

    Posted by Sister Monica Healy on 24/05/2011   Email

    I have been trying to trace the death of my uncle Patrick Healy, born in Coagh, Killavil, near Ballymote, County Sligo. It is said that he died in 1941, north of Doncaster. I searched everywhere for years but only rec ently ame across a Patrick who fits the bill, who died in Barnsley in 1041. Do you cover this area please and would you have more information as to where he might be buried please. He was RC and his obituary was reported and sighted by family members living in South Shields, in a Mining Journal. Would you have or know of anyone who could trace this to confirm it is the right Patrick. It is the right age, place and year but how can I know it is the right person? Thanking you for any assistance given, Yours truly, Sister Monica Healy

    Posted by Liz Wade on 01/05/2011

    After attending and enjoying the 150th anniversary celebration I returned with my Mum and sister today to search for our great-grandparents' grave. Thank you for your kind and efficient help in finding the plot number, including a transcript from the headstone...and for going the 'extra mile' in helping to us to find the grave and providing us with even more information about how and where to research other graves in the City. Brilliant!

    Posted by Tony Morton on 19/04/2011   Email

    Just a line to say "Well done" to all involved in the 150th celebrations, A great afternoons entertainment.

    Posted by Helen Best on 18/04/2011

    Just to say thank you for a lovely day yesterday (17th April) the plays were well acted and the information and guidance around the cemetery to locate graves was excellent. I hope something goes in "The Star" about it. I only wish more people had attended.

    Posted by Barry Francis on 17/04/2011

    Visited the cemetery for the 150th event today - it was absolutely brilliant! Everyone involved should get a big 'pat on the back' for putting on such a fantastic show. Well done!

    Posted by Sarah Hardy on 03/04/2011

    Thanks very much for the help in finding my great uncle's grave today. He died on his 4th birthday and i've not known until today exactly where he was buried. Now I do - thanks to the Friends of Burngreave. I'm very grateful!

    Posted by V.Beech on 05/03/2011   Email

    Hi tryed to sign in and register but wont let me please help

    Posted by V.Beech on 03/03/2011   Email

    Hi,my dad was called Arthur Cooke he was burried at burngreave in1961 I wanted to know if i can find out who else was in that same grave.Thanks for your previous help Val

    Posted by matt dillon on 02/03/2011   Email

    am looking for my great grandads grave he was called george hardy of harold street sheffield thanks

    Posted by V.Beech on 17/02/2011   Email

    Hi.just got your message regarding address please try this one

    Posted by v beech on 17/02/2011   Email

    Hi, i am trying to find Albert Cooke We think he died in 1925 He was a policeman married to Bridget Raher.He was my grandfarther and a catholic.

    Posted by Patrick Hilton on 03/02/2011   Email

    Hi,i was wondering if you would be able help me locate a couple of my family members buried in Burngreve, their names are Frederick Axe died 1904 with his wife Madalina letticia Axe died 1923 also Maud Lillian Axe died 1954,Thanks Mr Pat Hilton

    Posted by jnwhiffin on 13/12/2010   Email

    great site thanks to dedicatered volunteers many thanks

    Posted by David James on 04/09/2010   Email

    I worked in the cemetery for 6 weeks in August/September 1966 as a student, mainly occupied in scything down the long grass.[My right thumb still bears the scar when I cut it, sharpening the scythe!] In that short time, I must have read hundreds of the headstones - what a wonderful opportunity it was for an 18 year-old to reflect on his own mortality! I recently revisited after many years' absence. It was sad to see the superintendent's office and workmen's hut in disrepair, but heartening to observe that the plots are maintained in beautiful condition and that the 'Friends' are active in its welfare. The cemetery is a haven of peace in a great industrial [?] city.

    Posted by Mick Hilton on 22/07/2010

    A special thank you to the Friends of Burngreave, through your wonderful site I have now found my two missing Hilton children

    Posted by Lyn on 20/07/2010

    Thank you to you all for the hard work you do in 'taking care' of my ancestors. Best wishes Lyn

    Posted by Debbie Hobson on 20/07/2010   Email

    Good luck with the site. Look forward to its development to help with my research into family.

    Posted by Jackie Fletcher on 20/07/2010

    All the very best with the site; you do fantastic work. (helping with transcribing Burngreave Burials)

    Posted by Elaine Pickard on 14/07/2010   Email

    Congrats on starting the site. Elaine Pickard "Sheffield Indexers" http:/