Burngreave Consecrated Chapel

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     We are celebrating the “RESTORATION”of the Tower Clock in         Burngreave Cemetery on Wednesday 25th April 2018.         Between12 noon and 2.00 pm

    Everyone Welcome


    Display of work carried out to restore the clock to a
    working Timepiece.

    Welcome and short talk on the history of the clock by Ken

    Thank you to Donors.                                                                      

    Come along and view our various exhibitions, including an
    11ft model of a Zeppelin, story boards for those who died in the raid in 1916.
    History of the “sweetheart” postcards of the Great War, information of the ecology of the cemetery, plans and images of City Road Crematorium, the current work of our Artist in Residence and how we help those searching for the graves of family and friends.

    Contact Chris: 0114 2816 950

    Email: burngreavecemetery@gmail.com

    Light Refreshments in North Chapel.

    Everyone Welcome.       


    International Permaculture day 2017

    The Friends of Burngreave Cemetery invite you to join them
    at 12 noon on Sunday 7th May.

    We haven’t had a permaculture get together for a while, so
    this seemed an ideal opportunity to share lunch, find out what permaculture
    projects are happening locally and to visit the adventure playground and
    possibly Fireside Housing co-op, both next door to us to see their achievements and future plans.

    All are welcome. 

    If you are already a ‘permy’ come and tell everyone what
    you’re up to, if you’re not involved in Permaculture yet, come and find out
    about it.

    We’ll provide soup, drinks and biscuits. Bring extra food to
    share if you wish.

    The friends group have a display about the flora and fauna
    within the cemetery, art installations by our artist in residence Vicky and a
    library of permaculture books for reference.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone.




    Sunday 3rd July 2016

    Well Dressing 

    Millie (the designer of the central picture) with the Mayor

    Sunday 19th April and every Sunday until end of June 

    11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
    Victoria Smith – Artist in Residence – New mixed media installation in celebration of Easter, based on the work of the Victorian
    monumental masons in Burngreave Cemetery.


    On Saturday afternoon 22nd November a number of people braved initially
    murky weather to plant saplings donated by the Woodland Trust,
    in Burngreave cemetery. However the sun appeared on time giving us a fine afternoon for the work.

    Friendsof Burngreave Cemetery, local community members, children, staff and board members from the Adventure playground and visitors from as
    far away as Manchester and London, together
    planted 105 hedgerow saplings near to the Melrose Road entrance.

    The saplings, a mixture of hazel, hawthorn, dog rose, crab apple and elder,
    were chosen to provide spring nectar and pollen for the bee colonies in the cemetery, adding early variety to the sycamore and lime trees already in abundance.

    Plans are afoot for creating a wild flower meadow around the beehives in spring and maybe more hedgerow planting.
    Watch this space and join in the fun!

                                           Handsworth – Church Lane.

    For anyone wanting information relating to the headstones in this section
    of Handsworth Cemetery, Trevor Spencer is willing to help. 
    He can be contacted at this address:-





    We are in the process of photographing all the existing headstones. The project was started in June 2010 and we currently have almost 14,000 names in the database
    with well over three thousand photographs.
    One of them could be of one of your family graves, why not call in and see us, we may be able to find that elusive relative.


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