Victoria Smith    Artist in Residence   

    I am interested in the decorative work of the Victorian monumental stonemason in Burngreave cemetery. I am putting together a collection of motifs and images in the form of stone-rubbings and photographs which are now being displayed, pegged to fibre-cement roofing slates, at the far end of the cemetery chapel.  I shall display other items which I find personally appealing or relevant. This is very much a work in progress.

    During September and October I shall be experimenting with the above in order to produce a finished work with which to celebrate All Souls’Day on Sunday the 2nd of November. Although I can’t yet imagine what my finished work is going to look like I am intending it to be a colourful and exuberant mixed-media installation in memory and celebration of the lives of my dad’s parents. 

    As I know little about my dad’s ancestry I am planning to explore this part of my family tree and make it a part of my installation. I understand some of my dad’s family were noted pianists and singers - two traits I have sadly failed to inherit – and I know that for some years prior to, and during, WW1 my grandad was the licensee of a public house. I have recently discovered that my grandma’s dad was a miner.

    I would like to thank the Friends and Committee for accepting my application and allowing me this opportunity to continue and develop my interest. During my residency I intend learning new skills and being open the contribution of others.

    William & Martha  -  All Soul's Day  -  2nd November 2014
    In Remembrance & Celebration of Grandad & Grandma



     I began by making 20 slug trail booklets to put by the pews. Made of 50 drawings composed using slug trail marks. Then I went on to make ‘accidental surfaces’- clay paint on boards and then finally small square monochrome canvases on which I highlighted in ink the previous random brush marks- again trying to make uncontrolled surfaces.
    (As an alternative to religious text, and grave surfaces)
    This has been a brilliant opportunity for me and I would like to thank the Friends and Committee for enabling it to happen. I recommend the scheme to other artists who should apply direct to the contacts.

    Lois Palframan

    I am currently artist in residence (Jan-June 2014) at Burngreave Cemetery Chapel, Melrose Road,Sheffield 3 a grade 2 listed mortuary chapel with architectural and historical features, including wooden pews.
    I have made 20 booklets. They are at the entrance to, by and on the pews.
    They are made from 70 original drawings as pages.  I want the drawings to speak for themselves,and differently for each reader, without me staticising information and influencing the reader, as to how and why I made them, or what I personally make of them.

    This installation at Burngreave Cemetery Chapel is available to see – 
    Sundays 11-3; for 3 days in May as part of Sheffield Open Up;
    advertised in Burngreave Messenger, Sheffield Telegraph, May Environment Weeks booklet, and on a Radio Sheffield Saturday morning show. 

                    The exhibition “Colours”by Lois Palframan M.A.
    Held 2nd to 7th December 2013 was successful. 
    There were 36 visitors, despite the cold and lack of advertising by Sheffield Telegraph.
    Many visitors were also interested in the grade 2 listed building, the graves, butterflies, bicycles, old maps, local history, war history, changing light effects, permaculture, ecology etc. etc. and all the other interest of the cemetery chapel.
    The clay paints were from Sharrow Vale Hardware who provided financial assistance, thank you.
    There were 27 broken bits of plasterboard, painted with clay paint, each a different flat colour (monochrome) on a table. (photographs by Andy Lord, thank you).

    Lois Palframan: ‘I wanted to see colour, as it is, with no imposed identification or meanings. The pieces were arranged as they came, without thought, to fit the nice wooden table.
    I like the uneven edges-having read the invented foundations of maths and geometry, I thought it might be nice to see colour or ’nature’ without it being fit into imposed mathematics.
    I have gone onto collect ‘slug marks’ (on white clay-painted broken bits of plasterboard) on my allotment (I am vegan and grow food in a friendly way with other creatures), traced them as an alternative to the shapes of letters I have always had to live with. I briefly wrote with them and now I am making drawings of/with nature by composing these slug marks. These drawings will be shown while I am artist-in-residence, 
    on Sundays to March 12-2pm and April to June 11-3pm. 
    I am also part of Sheffield Open Up - May 5, 10, 11 from 11-5pm. 

    Lois has now completed her term as 'Artist in Residence. Examples of her work can be seen on the 'Friends of Burngreave Chapel & Cemetery' Facebook page.